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“Joe Wilson’s horror comedy is on it’s way to becoming a true cult classic...” - Bavarian Public Radio (Munich, Germany)

“The caliber of acting is one reason this series is so watchable.” - VoiceofTV.com

"The writing is sharp and the jokes are not predictable ...  this well-done series will leave viewers wanting more.” - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Vampire Mob could easily be a show built on cheap jokes and stereotypes, but Wilson and crew keep the focus on character and let the humor flow naturally from the lives of these people.” - Virgil’s Diner

"Don is played by John Colella, and could have stepped off the set of The Sopranos he’s that good." - Pop Culture Monster

                        Vampire Mob is a

                     SAG-Aftra Signatory

                   SAG-Aftra New Media

Vampire Mob cast:

John Colella
Reamy Hall
Marcia Wallace
Rae Allen
Kirsten Vangsness
Chris Mulkey
Vincent Guastaferro
Andy Lauer
Elizabeth Beckwith
Andrea Cansler
Jim Roof
Peter Spruyt
Cris D’Annunzio
Chad Wood
Kenny Lombino
Carmen Mormino
Joe Tabb
Dan Olivo
Stacy McQueen
Antonio Moon
Mark Rimer
Patrick Caberty

Vampire Mob streams worldwide!


Both seasons one & two are below...

Season One

Season Two